Before & After Curb Appeal

Before and After Front Door“It’s the perfect time of the year to take on any number of outdoor projects that can really make a difference in your homes Curb Appeal.  Here are 8 projects that are fairly simple, but have big impacts.”

Denise Buck & Ed Johnson – DC Metro Realty Team


1. Paint Your Front Door

The front door makes a big impression—it’s the first and last thing visitors see. Painting your door is a quick and low-cost way to instantly boost curb appeal. Whether you go with a stately classic like black or a bright pop of color like yellow or red, a fresh coat of paint will instantly spiff up a tired exterior.

2. Make Your Porch an Outdoor Room


Sometimes all you need to do is add decorative elements to transform a space from blah to beautiful. This front porch becomes a bona fide extra room in warm weather, thanks to the addition of a rug, outdoor furniture, throw pillows, and plants.

3. Update Your Address


Add a little art to the front of your home with a DIY house number upgrade. This graphically assertive sign required just a board and a little paint that was already on hand, along with some stencils for the numbers. The results are bold—the pizza delivery guy will never miss this house again.

4. Hide Your Electrical Box


Practical components like utility boxes and gas meters are a necessary evil, but do they have to be so ugly? Actually… no. Camouflage your service points by painting them with exterior paint in a shade that matches your siding. They may not completely disappear, but they will definitely blend in, improving the overall look of your home.

5. Lay Out the Landscaping


Creating a small, modestly planted landscaping bed will make the side of your house look tidy and and add color your home’s exterior. Recreate the cheerful transformation with some inexpensive edging, weed barrier, mulch, and plants.

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6.  Hang New Shutters


Fresh, new shutters can almost instantly enhance your home’s curb appeal. Swapping these weary, boring white eyesores for some new board-and-batten cedar shutters made a huge impact on this facade.

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7. Perk Up Your Pathway


A modern pathway makeover doesn’t have to be expensive or require professional labor. This walk was installed right on top of the old concrete path. The project can be completed in a half day, using simple tools and supplies from a big-box hardware store. The result is a sensational improvement that makes the house even more welcoming.

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8. Upgrade Your Mailbox


The mailbox may not seem like a big contributor to curb appeal, and it’s often just an afterthought in home construction. This makeover is so much easier than it looks, accomplished by simply fitting a cast-stone surround over a 4×4 post.

Originally Appearing on Yahoo Makers – by Jennifer Noonan