Modern Edible Garden Styles

“It’s always nice if you can add some edible plants to your yard, deck or garden.  We usually have a few herbs ready to go that we can use while cooking.  These ideas take it to a whole new level, so you may get some new and different ideas.”

Denise Buck & Ed Johnson – DC Metro Realty Team

Clean unadorned lines and an open, spacious feel are the hallmarks of modernist garden design. Food gardens —with their exuberant growth and chaotic medley of species that can go from tiny seedlings to an overgrown jungle to half dead and decrepit looking over a six-month period — seem like a contradiction to the contemporary look that is so prevalent in landscape design today. But that need not be the case. With careful plant selection and the right hardscape materials, incorporating edibles into your modernist landscape is easier than you might imagine.

Whether you’re designing a landscape for a backyard in Southern California or a rooftop in Manhattan, the same concepts apply: Place sprawling vegetable gardens in contemporary containers and leave lots of empty space around them so the eye has a place to rest.

Originally appearing on HOUZZ