How to Set a Table

“Part of decorating your home and creating an inviting environment can and should include your dining table.  Take advantage of that ‘canvas’ and let your creativity flow.”
Denise Buck & Ed Johnson – DC Metro Realty Team
“Set the Table.” How many times have you heard or said that? “Dinner is ready. It’s time to eat, so set the table.” Phrases like that are said every night in my house. And if you’re anything like us, “set the table” usually means plopping down the mats, napkins, knives and forks so we can chow down. What’s more, half the time “the table” refers to the coffee table, and the only bingeing in our house is the binge watching of our fave flicks — a nightly tradition that breaks all the rules in every Miss Manners book.
Originally published on HOUZZ, by Stacy Briscoe