Clever Drawer Tactics for Kitchens

“Tired of cluttered drawers and cabinets in your kitchen? Want some clever ideas for storage?  Here are a number of interesting solutions that you might want to consider.”
Denise Buck & Ed Johnson
Have your kitchen-drawer contents turned into alarming tangles of plastic and metal, cunningly hiding whatever you are hunting for? Are your knives nicked and blunt from being thrown into the fray? Coffee cups chipped? Can’t find the cinnamon or the lid of your favorite pan? All hardworking kitchens descend into disarray occasionally, but if chaos is your daily kitchen companion, it may be time to reassess your storage. Putting everything back where it belongs (and where it can be found again), and saving precious countertop and fridge space are a piece of cake with some basic drawer strategies. See how to maximize pullout convenience to keep your kitchen shipshape.
Originally Published on HOUZZ, by Janet Dunn