Your Guide to 10 Landscape Materials

“Sometimes you want to do something ‘different’ in certain areas of your yard, but your not sure what that might be.  Here are some great ideas as alternatives to grass for your outside areas.”
Denise Buck & Ed Johnson – DC Metro Realty Team
Paving a landscape investment, and the cost varies considerably based on the type used and how readily available it is. Cast-in-place concrete is usually the cheapest and most easily installed paving option, but those who live in regions with naturally occurring stone like limestone, granite or slate can use that local stone at a more affordable price.

Here are our guides to 10 of the most popular paving materials. Whether you are repaving or paving new, you can use them to understand the basics about paving to make an informed decision based on your situation and where you live.

Originally published on HOUZZ, by Falon Mihalic