11 Things You Didn’t Think You Could Fit Into a Small Bedroom

“Most of us have at least one small bedroom that you feel can’t hold much more than a bed, side table and maybe a small chest of drawers.  So we end up scrimping on everything.  Here are some ideas on what ‘else’ you could consider putting in your small room, that aren’t expected.”
Denise Buck & Ed Johnson – DC Metro Realty Team
While it’s fun to look at photos of spacious bedrooms complete with sitting areas, fireplaces, large armoires and more, the reality is that most people sleep in much tighter spaces. Personally, I love a small, cozy bedroom — it adds to the snuggled-up feeling. But often we also want a piece of luxury to go with that practicality in our modestly sized bedrooms, even if there is barely room for a bed.
Originally published on HOUZZ, by Becky Harris