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16 Ways to Get More From Your Small Backyard

“When you have a small backyard, it’s easy to feel like you have few options of what to do with it.  You may be surprised to see what others have come up with for their small space.”
Denise Buck & Ed Johnson – DC Metro Realty Team 
Big cities have a lot going for them, but spacious backyards aren’t one of them. Designers in high-density places like San Francisco and New York have long dealt with getting homeowners the most bang for their buck when it comes to their compact homes, and that means turning tight, narrow or awkwardly shaped backyards into comfortable, functional extensions of the home. No matter the locale, their methods can work for anyone trying to maximize an outdoor space and turn it into a destination to enjoy. Here are 16 ideas to try.
Originally Published on HOUZZ, by Mitchell Parker

9 Hacks for a Clutter-Free Home Office

“If you have a Home Office or any other work space in your home, clutter is usually a constant challenge.  Check out these tips for putting things in their place.”
Denise Buck & Ed Johnson – DC Metro Realty Team
The home office is often prone to clutter, as tidiness tends to fall by the wayside when deadlines are looming and you’ve got a million and one things to do. But let’s face it: You can’t do your best work if your work space is a disaster. Save your sanity and make your home office a more organized, pleasant and productive space by adopting these strategies. From conquering piles of paper to clever cord-taming tricks, these hacks will help you whip your work space into shape in no time.
Originally published on HOUZZ, by Natasha Saroca

To-Dos: Your March Home Checklist

“Now that it’s starting to warm up outside again, take the time to tidy up inside, and check on the outside to see if there are any maintenance issues after a long cold Winter.”
Denise Buck & Ed Johnson – DC Metro Realty Team
March can be unpredictable when it comes to the weather, but no matter what Mother Nature is doing outside your window, it’s natural to crave a fresh start this time of year. The first official day of spring is March 20, so usher in the new season with a bit of spring cleaning, fresh flowers and — if you can get outdoors — a little dirt under your fingernails.
Originally post on HOUZZ, by Laura Gaskill