What to Know About Adding a Deck

“Been thinking about adding a Deck.  Have you really thought about all the things that go into a project like this.  Do you homework and plan everything out properly first.”
Denise Buck & Ed Johnson – DC Metro Realty Team
Good weather should be enjoyed to its fullest extent. To do that you have to actually go outside. But if your home lacks an enticing outdoor living space, there’s little incentive to venture out.

Outdoor living is seeing a bit of an explosion lately: Adding a deck is one of the most requested home projects today, and demand is steadily rising.

New durable outdoor materials, furniture and accessories plus unique shade options and smart tech that lets us watch movies and have full kitchens have no doubt fueled the interest. So if you’re hoping to make the most of good weather in your area, a new deck has likely crossed your mind. Here’s what you’ll need to know about finally getting one.

Originally published on HOUZZ by Mitchell Parker