Buyer & Seller Videos

Welcome to our Video Library of over 25 Videos!

We’re sharing our Buyer and Seller video series, as well as some additional informational videos, to help better inform homeowners about the Buying and Selling Processes and the services we offer.

Buyer’s Videos

  • 5 – Buyer’s Video Series – DC Metro Realty Team
  • 1 – Buyer Video  – RE/MAX

Seller’s Videos

  • 5 – Seller’s Video Series – DC Metro Realty Team
  • 2 – Selling & Marketing Your Home – RE/MAX
  • 14 – ‘Are You Fit To Sell’ Series – RE/MAX

DC Metro Realty Team – Buyer Video Series

Buyers Video Series – #1 Are You Ready to Buy?


Buyers Video Series – #2 Working with a Buyer’s Agent


Buyers Video Series – #3 Getting Pre-Approved 


Buyers Video Series – #4 Finding the Perfect Home 


Buyers Video Series – #5 Additional Buyer Client Services 


Considering a Home Purchase? 

DC Metro Realty Team – Seller Video Series

Sellers Video Series – #1 DC Metro Realty Team Introduction


Sellers Video Series – #2 Marketing Your Home


Sellers Video Series – #3 Pricing Your Home Properly


Sellers Video Series – #4 Preparing for Your Showings


Sellers Video Series – #5 Additional Seller Client Services


Tips for Selling Your Home


Tips for Successfully Marketing Your Home


RE/MAX ‘Are You Fit To Sell’ Series














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